Hello there, I am Shravani, a Web Developer by Profession. AI enthusiast.


I have worked on web applications of different scale and from a variety of domains as: HealthCare, Logistics and Finance.


As a seasoned Product Developer with over five years of experience, I have honed my skills in developing end-to-end web applications. My journey began at Tech Mahindra Ltd where I worked as a UI Developer, and then I moved on to roles at People Tech Enterprises Pvt. Ltd and Inteca Digi Pvt Ltd. Currently, I am working as a Senior Software Developer at Virtusa. I pride myself on my excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and my ability to quickly grasp new concepts. I am highly motivated and result-oriented, with a firm belief in problem-solving using technology. My expertise lies in front-end development using React library and back-end development using Express framework, and I have been exposed to all phases of application development, from requirements gathering to production deployment and post-production support.


My domain expertise being in Credit Cards, I have been part of the team delivering end-to-end product solutions for various usecases. Having delivered applications that included entire lifecycle of Credit Card. The major modules being filing an application to detecting fruad using biometric devices to handling multiple cards for a customer. There are many such modules in this domain, be it managing lost/stolen case of cards, to loyality points/reward points, to transactions management. Well versed with agile process that helped shipping of the products as the best solutions. Impacted users in different markets, which makes their job effortless and fastly, like how my LO says, "as fast as lightning".

  • Analysing the problem and conducting brain storm sessions for planning 6 Week sprints.
  • Designing component architecture for the project.
  • Developing REST APIs and UI components as per the requirement along with test cases.
  • Responsible for configuring CI/CD of the front end and backend flows of the project.
  • Responsible for production deployment.
  • Analysing the requirement.
  • Responsible for developing the react component.
  • Delivering the PR(Pull Request) within timelines.
  • Supporting the project with defect fixes.

How I approach a problem

I have been working in an Agile process for product development for past 5 years. Below are the steps that I follow as a developer.


Most of time goes in analyzing the requirement, to be able to break the problem into smaller chunks. Note: I still use my notepad to sketch these things!


This is the phase where I design the component architecture around the solution. My work goes in scribbling flowcharts and pseudocodes, which is a great skill by the way.

Develop and Test

I believe developing a product and testing it, go hand in hand. Applying TDD, sure is reliable approach.


Although CI/CD makes this job easy, health checks and scalability measures are my main practices.

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